Wild is the Wind


Wild is the Wind is an acrylic painting of a black bear by artist Kent Paulette. He painted it in February 2016. The adult bear is blue, purple, and many other colors. The background is mainly yellow with some orange. The style of this painting is Cubism, Expressionism, and Paulette’s own unique style. This wildlife artwork is made up of whimsical and odd shapes of color.

When talking about his process on this painting, Paulette said, “On the morning that I started Wild is the Wind, I waded through Laurel Creek barefooted and grabbed handfuls of snow from its banks. I mixed it with the acrylic paint to get those snowy washes that stain the canvas. As the snow outside melted over the next few days, I switched to using creek water and then finished with rain water.”

Paulette explained the title when he said, “The title, Wild is the Wind, was inspired by the Nina Simone album as well as the fact that as I was taking photos of this painting, the wind suddenly came out of nowhere and tried to carry it off!”

When artist Jerry Roldan from Mobile, Alabama saw this painting, he said, “Wizard of the wild..does magic..there appears a painting…from water…!”


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