Bear painting – Event Horizons


“The canvas is a space where events happen, and the paint leaves a trace of those events.” — K. Paulette

Paulette describes his process for this bear painting which is titled Event Horizons, “When I was painting this bear, I began to like what was happening on the right side of the painting so I kept working on the rest until it had that same feel. That’s very similar to what happened on my Conquest of the Irrational egret painting.”

“This is my 2nd painting of the new decade.  It’s my favorite bear that I’ve done…I put it on the cover of my new book.  I painted this bear using just 3 colors plus white….mixing them at different ratios like riding a wave.”

I painted this bear in January 2020.  It is the 2nd in a series of 3 paintings.  The 1st is Native American Indian painting new untitled and the 3rd is Horse running forward new untitled.”

Comments about this bear painting posted on social media:
Linda Graham wrote, “Beautiful Kent! The way you drew his size is absolutely perfect! It looks just like a real bear and is believable. Love the colors.”

Dave Robertson wrote, “This belongs at Lenoir-Rhyne. Stunning image.”

Michelle Walker wrote, “Just a few brush strokes… you make it seem so easy. But I’m very aware, it is not!! Amazing talent! Seriously!!”

Rhonda Ananea wrote, “It’s like the bear is looking in my soul!!! Wow! It actually has vibes! Amazing. I’ve never felt that from a painting.”
Kent Paulette responded to Rhonda, “I was feeling that as I was painting it and held onto that until the end…so I’m glad you’re feeling it too!”


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